Sunday, August 12, 2007

Say NO to "Healthy Wisconsin" state health care plan

To: Sen.Lazich
Subject: NO to "Healthy Wisconsin" state health care plan.

Adopting the "Healthy Wisconsin" state health care plan would reverse over 30 years of prohibiting taxpayer dollars for abortion in Wisconsin, and abortions in our state would most certainly increase! Please speak to your counterparts and request that they vote NO on adopting the "Healthy Wisconsin" state health plan. We hope you feel the same way.
Thanks and God Bless
Edd & Joan Borngeser
New Berlin


Dear Edd and Joan,
Thank you very much for your email. I agree with you about opposing the funding of abortions, and I am pleased to follow your directive to urge conference committee members to oppose the government health care plan. The Senate Democrat's were asked by Wisconsin Right to Life to amend the bill to prohibit abortion in their government health care plan and they refused to amend the bill.
As I wrote in my previous email of July 9, 2007, after viewing the Senate Democrat's budget, taxing and spending in Wisconsin could not get more crystal clear. The existing budget is $52.7 billion. The Senate Democrats budget is $66.1 billion and that is with only six months of their $15.2 billion annual government health plan. The budget would be a minimum of $88.9 billion with the government health plan in effect for the entire budget cycle.
The Senate Democrats health plan includes an appointed board that controls price and ration of health care. School districts must join the plan; however, if the plan does not provide the coverage they receive now, supplemental coverage must be provided to maintain current benefits. In other words teachers will continue with current coverage and the rest of us will go in the government plan. The plan is premised on Governor Doyle getting a waiver for his plan to put all with incomes up to 300 percent of poverty level in state medical assistance.
Attached is a memo I requested from the non-partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau about the Senate Democrats health plan proposal.
Below is a link to my blog for more information. Please scroll down to entries about various issues.
The Senate Democrat's government health care program is reported as the largest tax increase in history by any state.


dnewby said...

For a taste of what is to come with a state health care plan, see what Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney did to Massachusetts through his much-touted 2006 universal health care plan at

Peter1900 said...

Hi, Healthy Wisconsin will for the first time guarantee that all Wisconsinites get the same high quality health care that our state legislators have had for years, while being affordable for Wisconsin families. What is your opinion about this. It is a serviceable bill in the future.

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