Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Contact congress requesting an investigation into the SPP.

The following letter has been sent to the Wisconsin congressional delegation. Please review the links beneath the letter before contacting your member of congress.

Re: SPP - The Security and Prosperity Partnership

Dear Congressman:

Enclosed please find copies of documents downloaded from the government website: showing organizational charts of the SPP, the Security, Prosperity Partnership of North America. Also enclosed are the names of “working group” chairs and contact lists related to the agenda of the SPP.

The SPP website refers to more than 30 trilateral “memoranda of understanding” in the ”2005 Report to the Leaders” substantiating that more than dialogue is taking place. The report also shows the creation of the “trusted traveler” program for North America using biometrics which would essentially erase our borders. This may explain the current administration’s reluctance to build a fence to secure our borders and instead promote amnesty.
The SPP was first referenced in a press release following the 5/23/05 meeting of Presidents Bush, Fox and Prime Minister Martin in Waco, Texas. The leaders met again in Cancun, Mexico on the first anniversary of the SPP and announced the formation of the NACC, North American Competitive Council. The press release maintains that central regulatory agencies of the three nations will complete a trilateral regulatory framework by the year 2007. The NACC consists of 10 high level business leaders from each of the three nations indicating that private business and government officials are rewriting trade laws without congressional oversight or public knowledge.

By what authority have the SPP and NACC been created? The Mexican government website refers to the SPP as an alliance; what is the formal status of the SPP?
The NACC appears to be organizing itself after the European Common Market, the frontrunner to the European Union. (ministers, secretariat, etc.)

Please refer to the CFR, Council of Foreign Relations, website for a 59 page report entitled, “Building a North American Community” by Robert Pastor, Director of the Center for North American Studies at American University. Mr. Pastor is also known for orchestrating the Panama Canal giveaway in the Carter administration and has authored the book entitled, “Toward a North American Community” (a book calling for a North American Union as regional government with a common currency called the Amero.) According to documents, Mr. Pastor was an active participant in the Banff, Alberta, Canada NACC meeting held on 9/12-14, 2006. Enclosed is the attendance list which includes high level government officials and business leaders; however, it was closed to the media and public.

Where tax dollars used to fund any part of this meeting? Where is the work product published?
According to a 9/20/06 WND news article, CEO’s involved with the NACC include Michael Haverty, Chairman of Kansas City Southern RR, along with officials from Walmart, GM, GE, Campbell Soup, Chevron, Merck, Ford, Fed-Ex, UPS, NY Life, Lockheed Martin, and Whirlpool.
A Kansas City SmartPort brochure stated, “Kansas City offers the opportunity for sealed cargo containers to travel to Mexican port cities with virtual no border delays.” Enclosed is a NASCO, North American SuperCorridor Coalition, map showing inland ports including Kansas City. The map also shows the Trans-Texas Corridor which obviously was not designed to alleviate traffic congestion, as its entry port is Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, a city known for drug wars. Many people refer to this route as the Nafta Superhighway beginning in the Mexican city of Lazaro Cardinas, a deep water port under construction by the Chinese company, Hutchison Whampoa ,and eventually continuing through Duluth, MN into Canada. It is a trade route to bring cheap Chinese products by either Mexican trucks or Mexican rail lines (recently purchased by Kansas City Southern) to inland ports of the United States bypassing American workers.

The Trans-Texas Corridor is designed to run parallel to Highway 35 and will be about four football fields wide to accommodate multiple rail lines, commercial truck lanes, passenger lanes, pipelines for oil, water, gas, and communication cables. Mexican trucks will be allowed to enter “fast lanes”, electronically checked by the new “Sentri” system at the border, and have a first customs inspection as far north as Kansas City. The TTC is a limited access toll way being built by the Spanish firm, CINTRA, which reportedly will hold a 50 year lease. CINTRA already holds leases on other US toll roads.

The SPP claims its purpose is to coordinate border security, health policy, economic and trade policy, and energy policy among Mexico, the United States and Canada. However, rewriting regulations to import cheap Chinese products, and erasing our borders to use low cost Mexican workers can only harm our nations security and prosperity.

We are urging an investigation into the actions of the SPP which have circumvented congressional approval and oversight.

Dottie Feder
President Eagle Forum of Wisconsin
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